Sep 9, 2012

Go! Pack! Go!

Let's start with Friday. My husband couldn't sleep Thursday night, so I didn't really sleep. Friday morning, my glasses broke....I mean broke broke where they can't repaired. I had to wear my old ones with a prescription that is a billion years old so I had a headache all day. I was cranky. Really cranky.

But I came home and went to sleep and woke up stupid early to drive to Baltimore for a run with my new favorite running crew--Cancer to 5k/Team Fight. It was humid but there was a breeze and it was cooler than it has been. I love running on the water.
Nice and overcast
And because I am still a Wear Blue runner through and through, I was in blue for my miles.
Running on the water is great
Cara and I ran together again this week. My Garmin died right at the beginning and Mapmyrun mapped me running across the water so that was of no use. But our running coach said we went somewhere around 3.3 miles and it felt a little faster than last week so I am guessing somewhere around a 13.45 min/mi pace. So it was a nice run. I didn't come home and run more because I was still feeling the 5 miles from Thursday.

When I got home, I didn't do much of anything. But this morning Kieran was hungry and had to have me feed him at 7am. Since I was up, I tackled our bedroom. Since we moved in, I have had about 8 big boxes in our room still needing to be unpacked. In order to unpack them I needed to go through all our clothes to get rid of the huge accumulation of stuff we just don't wear. So I spent all morning sorting through and putting away clothes. With a total of 4 bags of clothes and 1 bag of shoes leaving our room I am happy and done for the day.

Now I am relaxing and enjoying the kick off of football season. I am a huge Packers fan so I am just waiting for 4pm tonight. Until then we are watching the Dolphins play as that is Gil's team.
Go! Pack! Go!

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  1. Hi! I randomly just found your blog when I got sucked into reading comments on the marathon on RER, haha. I also live in Baltimore and I'm originally from upstate NY, so I thought I'd say hello! I love reading blogs of local runners!