About Me!

Hello there!!

My name is Laura. I am living Maryland with my husband Gil and my big ol' tom cat Kieran.

"Who dare disturbs my slummmbbeeerrr?"
Originally I hail from upstate New York (around Saratoga Springs). In high school I was a competitive gymnast<--Don't let that fool you, I was a terrible gymnast and had absolutely no hopes of going on to compete in college or anything of the likes. However, I was fit. I could do push ups for hours and loved the challenge of strength training. I was also a cheerleader my senior year of high school. Running though was out of the question! I thought it was torture and those people who did it for *gasp* fun were nuts. The only way I was going to run is if there was a bear chasing me or the ice cream truck was in front of me.

I seriously had to dig to find this picture
When I got to college, I went to the gym and stayed physically fit for the most part, but my eating habits tanked. I tried when I could but I was never that big into nutrition (see told you I was a bad gymnast) and I gained 5-10 pounds.

In 2007, I did a national student exchange program from NY to Flagstaff, AZ where I met my amazing husband, Gil.

I graduated with my B.A. in Chemistry and a minor in Physics in 2008 from Buffalo State College. Then I promptly left good 'ol NY state and moved to Tucson, AZ to attend the University of Arizona to pursue my Doctorate degree.
"I'm sexy and I know it"
At the same time my husband enlisted into the U.S. Army and became stationed in WA state. He completed a tour in Iraq in 2009-2010. Under the stress of graduate school and the deployment, I decided to try something new. I put on my sneakers and looked up the Couch to 5k program and followed it. At first I was running on the treadmill and then moved the party outside. I completed my first 5k in March, 2010. I walked and ran it but it felt great and I was hooked!

First 5k!
I loved the camaraderie of running and the diverse group of people that it attracts. You can be the slowest person there and have a chat and a laugh with the fastest person there. Some people run, some people sprint, some people walk, for some its competitive, and for others it is social.....it is the perfect mix of athletes at all levels.

I did 3 or 4 more 5ks in the fall and did a 10k in December 2010. Then I got sick....a lot. I was exhausted and had to stop running all together. I moved up to WA state in May 2011 to complete my clinical requirements for my Doctorate and to FINALLY move in with my husband. I was still plagued by constant colds, headaches, viruses and upper respiratory infections that made running out of the question. I saw an Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor who diagnosed me with chronic sinusitis and gave me antibiotics, some steroids, and a nasal spray and I felt like a million bucks!!! I was back!!!!

First 10k!
I started running and planned a half marathon for April. In February, 2012, I sprained my ankle, I mean realllllyyyy sprained my ankle and had to stop again. They did imaging and no stress fracture so I was cleared to run again, but there was no way I could complete a half marathon in April. I did my first 5k since 2010 in March at the Ft. Lewis St. Patty's Day race. It was cold, snowing, wet, miserable, and I was elated!

"I'm not cold anymore!"
I also joined the Wear Blue: Run to Remember group in March, 2012 and have been with them ever since.

Apparently, thumbs up is the way to go.
I graduated with my Doctorate in May, 2012 and moved to Maryland for work. (Unfortunately, my clinical degree is such that there are few people in this field and it would be easy to find my place of employment, so for safety I will not be divulging what I went to graduate school for.)

My friends call me Doctor Laura
Now we are here. I am learning to run in the heat and humidity. I am learning the area and all that goes along with moves from one place to another. Running wise, I am planning my first half marathon in the fall with my sister by my side for support.

So that is me and in long nutshell. Welcome and I hope you enjoy my blog.