Jul 31, 2012


My entire life I have always set goals. I set them to move myself forward and propel myself into new things and challenges. I think having goals helps give me a purpose. Whether it is fitness, academic, professional, or even socially, for me it is incredibly important to give my life direction and organization.

I like to break goals into short term and long term because if I just set long term goals then I would get discouraged with my progress. So just to give you an idea I will list previous goals and current goals so you can share in these with me.

Short Term
Run 1 mile without stopping
Run a 5k
Run a 10k 
Run a 5k under 30 min (only happened once and it was freezing temps)
Run the Skinny Turkey Half Marathon
Run the Marine Corps Marathon 10k
Run 366 miles in 366 days (by Dec. 31 2012)
Graduate with my Bachelor's
Find a job
Get my national certification
Make a new friend
Move into a new house
Get a dog
Lose 10 pounds
Do 20 push ups in a row
Do 15 leg lifts in a row
Cook something new

Long Term
Graduate with my Doctorate
Run a 5k under 29 min
Run a bunch of half marathons--don't really have any in mind yet
Run a marathon
Qualify for the Boston Marathon before I turn 31
Run the Boston Marathon
Run the Paris Marathon
Run the San Francisco Marathon
Run the Seattle Rock n' Roll Marathon
Run the Marine Corps Marathon
Get another dog
Lose 15-20 pounds
Do 50 push ups in a row
Do 30 leg lifts in a row
Buy a house

As I said, I set goals because it helps give me direction, but it also feels great to be able to literally cross things off of a list. I know there are a lot here and they will constantly change so I will update them periodically.

Any goals that you have? Do you set goals?

Jul 30, 2012

Interview Update and the Olympics

Sorry for the silence. The company that I am trying to be hired at took Gil and I out to dinner at a place in Annapolis called Jalepenos. It was a great time. The owner of the company and one of the employees that does the hiring took us out. I did not want to freak out my future employer by taking pictures but both Gil and I ordered the chicken enchiladas with mole. A-MAZ-ING! I highly recommend this place if you happen to be in the area. I was warned, however, that if you do go, especially on a Friday or Saturday, you will need a reservation for anytime after 6pm. We concluded the evening on a high note with them saying that they will contact me and returning home for the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

As soon as Gil took off his shirt Kieran proceeded to climb under it and hangout.
"Guys. It will fit if we tailor it a bit"
On the running end of things, my ankle is still aching. I ended up setting out for a 3 mile run yesterday but only completed a slow 2 miles. I also switched from my Brooks Pure Cadence shoes back to my New Balance 870s for extra cushion. I love both of my shoes but after running in my Brooks since January I now prefer them over my NB shoes.
Pond near my run
The 2 miles I did was to honor
KIA March 29, 2011

You will see SFC Arrechaga's name come up frequently as his wife is a friend of mine. He is always on my mind when I put on my Blue shirt and so I run for him quite a bit. 

The majority of the weekend and today were spent engrossed in the Olympics. Despite a relatively disappointing (in my opinion) opening ceremony to the games, I have been watching them every day. As a former gymnast I of course love gymnastics, but I also enjoy track, beach volleyball, diving, swimming, canoe slalom, and rowing. 
Last night when watching the woman's gymnastics qualifying competition, my heart broke for Jordyn Wieber. If you don't know, she was a victim of a terrible rule (and questionable judging--shocker) that only allows the top 2 gymnasts from each country to compete in the All Around competition. She is undoubtedly one of the best gymnasts in the world and will not get to compete. That is a travesty. 
On a random note, Kieran has been super clingy. This morning he decided to sleep on my lap while I hopped on the computer. 
"It's easier to type this way, I promise"
Later on in the day he switched to the top of the couch to bury his head in my hair and sleep. 
This looks comfortable, right?
I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. 

Any favorite sports in the Olympics that you like to watch?

Jul 26, 2012

A Walk on the Beach

Today we took shelter from the ridiculously high heat in our nice cool apartment. We did not have much on the agenda other than to run to the grocery store. But after much lazing around, Gil got a little bored so we decided to venture out and drive around the area for a while. We ended up near a string of restaurants on the Chesapeake. There weren't any cars around cause it was a Thursday night so we parked right on the water and walked to a little beach nearby.

The view was beautiful, it almost made me forget about the crazy oppressive heat.

After walking around a bit we sat down on some rocks and put our toes in the water, which was so warm it felt like bath water.

The views were so relaxing.

And there were seashells everywhere.

After hanging out on the beach for a bit we went to Safeway for dinner and some needed groceries. I came out of the store with a pesto pizza for dinner and an interesting cherry chia juice. The pizza was excellent. It had peppers, chicken, cheese, and in place of sauce there was pesto. It was great!

The hubby even surprised me with one of those little single serving chocolate pies! Definite brownie points.

The juice on the other hand tasted fine but the consistency was awful. I could not get past the slimy little chia seeds. But I kept it because I can add it to smoothies and it will work out fine.

Running on the other hand was not in the agenda today. After last nights run, my ankle was not thanking me. So instead of running it was ice. I will do my 1.5 miles tomorrow as long as everything is feeling better. When I first sprained my ankle they said that because of the abnormal location (inside of my ankle as opposed to the outside) it could take a long time to feel better. I was cleared to run but its still not normal yet.

And tomorrow is FRIDAY!! I have been waiting on this day for 2 weeks!!! My stint in unemployment may or may not be coming to an end tomorrow. We will see. Stay tuned!

Jul 25, 2012

Shower before or after?

Today was just like most except the humidity was way low and it was a nice humane temperature out. We Gil even got the lawn mowed. We haven't been able to because it has been raining off and and on for a while now. This is the first house we have ever lived in so this is the first time we have ever had yard work....oh the joy.

I was quite lazy today and didn't bother to take a shower until about 5pm tonight. I know I am quite classy.

This also means that I took a shower before going for a run. My husband, mother, father, sister, etc. all think I'm crazy. This has been a life long thing for me. Even if I work out later in the morning or afternoon, I still want a shower before hand. Here is my reasoning.

  1. I hate feeling gross. Working out makes me feel sticky and gross. Not showering makes me feel sticky and gross. I don't want to compound the sticky and grossness. 
  2. Look better, feel better, perform better. 
  3. If I were to run a race on a Saturday morning, I would take a shower before hand. Why not practice that way?
Of course the downside is I tend to go through shampoo and soap quicker than normal but it's not an everyday occurrence. 
Kieran's point of view.
Anyhow I headed out for my run around 7pm and it felt seriously wonderful out. I mean look at those relative humidities!! In the yellow!!
And it was beautiful.

Tonight I ran around a nearby neighborhood. I like running that specific neighborhood because there are lots of military associated people living there and it reminds me of being in Washington (state). 

The only thing was I didn't have a fabulous run. I had a snack less than 2 hours before I ran. Generally I like at least 2 hours or more between any food and a run otherwise I cramp and start getting sick to my stomach. I know everyone has their eat-before vs. eat-after rules so there is mine. Additionally there was small hill right when I was hitting my groove.

I know it doesn't look like anything but I swear it is a hill.
Which made me feel like this. 
I know classy--see above.
Overall I completed a total of about 3.3 miles mostly running with some walking in there. So I call tonight a success. Now for another shower ;-)

Jul 24, 2012

Fish Eggs and Chicken

I didn't post yesterday because I was still feeling ill and Gil was coming down with something as well. We spent most of the day sleeping in the living room and watching TV and I really didn't think anyone would care to hear about it.
Kisses for his sick momma...yes I know I'm a cat lady
As far as running goes, I was scheduled to run 1.5 miles which I obviously didn't. When it comes to running when I'm not feeling so hot I follow some simple rules.

  • If I have a fever, I don't run. 
  • If I would miss school or work for it, I don't run.
  • If I think that it is a sinus infection, I don't run.
  • If I think rest would be more beneficial than expending the energy to run, then I rest.
For me, if it feels like a sinus infection it is really important for me to be proactive about it because my health can easily spiral out of control. Part of running is about having a healthy lifestyle. I did not hit the genetic jackpot when it comes to health and there are lots of things that I need to be proactive about. It isn't just about running, it's about total body health, inside and out. If I think that resting instead of running will be more beneficial, then that is exactly what I do and I don't feel guilty about it. And in this case it worked because I feel pretty darn good today.

Lunch came together pretty easily today. Since I had the time and extra quinoa left over from my quinoa 'n cheese I got a little creative. I cooked up some of these Tyson Chicken Bites.

In the meantime I chopped up some baby carrots and a small zucchini. I made a bowl of quinoa that I sprinkled with poultry seasoning, garlic and onion powder, and some salt and pepper. I mixed all the veggies in and microwaved it all together. 

When the chicken was done I added it to the bowl. It was good and I filled up quickly so I even had left overs :-) In case you are wondering what Gil thought of my wonderous creation, he said "Let me see. Hmm. Fish eggs and chicken. Not what I would have gone with but whatever." 
Fish eggs and chicken
Tonight I did a 1.5 mi run around the neighborhood. It felt good to get out there and move my legs after 2 days of resting on the couch. 
Resting w/ Kieran. What? This doesn't look look comfy?
Running doesn't come easy to me. Not 3 miles or 1 mile or even a 0.5 mile. I run because it feels good at the end of the run to know I accomplished something under my own power. Plus the only things I really need are my sneakers and a good sports bra. It was a little soupier out than I would have liked but there was a breeze and it was a beautiful sunset, not to mention I felt really good tonight.
Picture running down this plus a breeze...so nice.

Now on to dinner. Hope everyone had a good run today!

Jul 22, 2012

Feeling Icky and Sicky

Last night I was feeling my earlier than normal run so I went to bed around 1030pm. When I went to bed my throat was hurting. This morning when I woke up I was feeling pretty rotten. My right ear and right side of my throat are sore sore sore. Not to mention I have been feeling pressure and pain in my sinuses.

I am pretty sure my chronic sinusitis is hitting me again. It has been 5 months since my last sinus infection and that makes me very happy. This time last year I was getting an infection about every 6-8 weeks. So I have been resting and keeping company with these best friends today.
Ahh my good friends--how I have not missed
For breakfast, my wonderful husband made me a waffle as requested. These things have been my favorite go to lately because they have fruit inside so they don't need any toppings.

Like I said my entire day was about rest. I have been sick with sinus infections so often that I know how the course of action goes. I know that if I rest all day and make sure I take in extra sleep and make sure I still eat and drink then my body fights it off better. While awake, I watched an entire marathon of American Ninja Warrior on G4. Have you guys seen this show? These people are simply amazing!!
Sheet swing...not to be underestimated.
Gil ran out to the grocery store for bread so I could have dinner and came back with these goodies!!

Oh Mylanta!! I absolutely love him. First, the Crystal Light Pomtini is my absolute favorite. They came out with it in April and it is a limited time only dealio. After my first package I wanted more but have not been able to find some for like 3 weeks!! The Peach Belini I will have to let you know how that comes out. Then of course Rocky Road ice cream for my sore throat and because anything s'mores is crazy delicious to me he bought the hardening topping.

Funny story. The last time we bought that ice cream topping my husband, who is quite smart, put it in the fridge because he was thinking it would spoil if he didn't. Ummm, yeah. Don't do that. When you put it on ice cream it gets hard because the ice cream is cold. Needless to say we had a bottle of sauce that was completely solid.

Not only did he buy me goodies but he made me my favorite sick food....grilled cheese and tomato soup.
Well back to my American Ninja Warrior finals and sleep.
Seriously check it out...you will be amazed. 

Jul 21, 2012

Virtual Training Partner and Cuteness Overload

Last night I talked to another Wear Blue runner. Her husband is stationed in the D.C. area and moved here around the same time we did. We were both missing our Saturday morning runs in Dupont, WA with our fellow Wear Blue friends and wanted to partner up. So we decided to swap phone numbers and we would text each other motivation. We both agreed to run 3.5 miles today at 7am. So even though when we woke up it was raining we both headed out.
Yes the fog is obnoxious, but no glasses means I'm blind
It was really nice to have a virtual training partner. I probably would have slept in or skipped running in the rain but it was such a nice run. It was also great to get support without needing to run at another person's pace or distance. I would highly recommend this method if you need a little motivation to get out of bed in the morning and run.

Today's run was dedicated to
KIA July 21, 2003

I ran 3.5 miles in the rain and she ran 5 miles after meeting up with some others in the pouring rain. It was pouring when I first woke up but it settled to a steady rain and my run was great. It was less than 70 degrees!! Can you say fabulous?!
Note to self--change my time zone
On my run I did have a minor road block. I just kept saying 'beep beep' out loud and they waddled out of the way.

Also, I wanted to know something. Is it weird that there is no crosswalk light here? You know the one that says walk or don't walk?

I hate crossing this road. People are generally aware, but it is a busy park and a 4 lane road. I think it's weird.

As soon as I got home I scrambled up some eggs and spinach and made a smoothie. It was the perfect refueling meal for me. Plus it cooled me down.
Cranberries. Blueberries. Yogurt. Oh my!
I followed my run up with a shower and a trip to the farmers' market. There was some serious cuteness going on over where they were selling animals.
Cuddly kittens.
Sleepy puppies.
I grabbed up some sweet grapes, cucumbers, bell peppers, strawberries, tomatoes, and eggs.

The rest of the day was spent lazily due to the dreary weather. Happy Saturday everyone!

Jul 20, 2012

No such thing as fun size and I hate chicken

Today was all about stretching after the past 2 days my calves and achillies' are killing me. I was supposed to walk but even that seemed a little much, especially considering tomorrow I am running 3.5 miles.

When I wasn't stretching, I was busily researching houses that we could rent in a town that we may or may not move to. That is for a different day though. As soon as I get word whether or not that is happening, I will provide more details.

I also had breakfast and dinner for lunch. I had 1 egg + 2 egg whites scrambled with garlic and spinach. On the side I had a left over sweet potato from 2 nights ago. As I have previously stated, I am no genius in the kitchen. So I rely on people like Courtney over at Sweet Tooth Sweet Life to help teach me how to cook food. I liked her cooking method so I recreated it.

Twice as Nice
I also had a cup of jello and pudding--the no sugar added kinds. When I pulled them out of the fridge I saw this yellow label on top.
Umm no.
What the heck? Are they making these 6 packs "fun sized"? A 4 pack means that there isn't even one every work day. That is just not right.

After lunch I made a quick trip out to get some more cat food. Kieran is a little on the large side at around 20 pounds so we needed to switch to canned food.
Are you calling me fat??!!!!
In the past he has completely snubbed canned food. He is a picky eater. The other night I grabbed a thing of Meow Mix cat food and to my surprise he inhaled it!! So we needed more.

Tonight's dinner was chicken and veggies. 
Green=good. Chicken=bad.
I hate chicken unless its in tacos or BBQ sauce. Generally I will eat pork. I even marinated it in lemon pepper sauce. It still tasted like chicken. I can handle it if the chicken has never been  frozen but once it is frozen, thawed, and then cooked it is all over. Tonight it came out of the freezer but I figured it was ok cause it was going to be marinated. Nope. I really hate chicken. 
How about pork?

Jul 19, 2012

0.5 short and Cheaters Chicken Parm

After rolling out of bed this morning I realized 2 things. 1--I'm hungry 2--Ow ow ow ow my calves hurt. After last nights treadmill run, I didn't stretch as well as I should have and my calves were yelling at me for it. Good news, my foot and ankle felt fine. Bad news, my achilles' and my calves were so tight it hurt to put my feet flat on the floor.

After stretching all day, I set out for a 1.5 mile run tonight. After 0.3 mi my calves were really tight so I stretched them out for a sec and they felt better. Then another 0.2 mi in my ankle started to ache and I looked down and realized I was missing something.
No brace :-(
My ankle brace. So I went just a bit farther and turned around to complete a 1 mi out and back. So I was a half mile short but at least I went out and tried.

When I got home I stretched. I do the staircase stretch for my achillies' and calves. You know the one where you stand on the step and drop your heal down. It felt great.

I didn't feel like putting a ton of effort into dinner. So I grabbed my go to--Morning Star chicken patties. I made up a Suddenly Salad and microwaved a bag of steam-in-the-microwave broccoli.
Not really chicken patties
Once the patties were cooked up, I topped them with a some Light Smart Prego and a slice of provolone cheese. Presto change-o cheaters chicken parm.
Ignore the 2 plates....we ran out of the big ones..oops!