Running/Workout Log

On this page you will find my running log. I will include time, distance, and which application or device I used to track it all. As I am just getting into running again after illness and injury, these will not be amazingly fast paces or incredible distances but they are mine and I am proud of any distance or any time. In the end I am lapping everyone on the couch. :) I will also add any other workouts I do on my strength or cross training days.

Sept 2-8
Sept 8--3.3 miles?--????--13.45 min/mi?--Mapmyrun (didn't work so well)
Sept 7--Rest
Sept 6--3.3 miles--37.35 min--11.38 min/mi + 2.2 miles walking (42 min)--Garmin
Sept 5--Rest
Sept 4--3 miles--35.26 min/mi--11.49 min--Garmin
Sept 3--Rest
Sept 2--Rest

August 26-Sept 1
Sept 1--2.88 mi--43.03 min--14.58 min/mi--Garmin + 2.22 mi--24.16 min--10.55 min/mi--Garmin
Aug 31--Sick
Aug 30--Rest
Aug 29--Rest
Aug 28--Rest
Aug 27--Rest
Aug 26--Sick

August 19-25
Aug 25--Rest
Aug 24--Rest
Aug 23--Rest
Aug 22--2.81 mi--35.22--12.35 min/mi--Garmin
Aug 21--Rest
Aug 20--1.64 mi--17.54 min--10.53 min/mi--Garmin
Aug 19--Rest

August 12-18
Aug 18--4.5 miles--55.02 min--12.13 min/mi--Garmin
Aug 17--Rest
Aug 16--Rest
Aug 15--3 miles--35.33 min--11.50 min/mi--Garmin
Aug 14--Rest
Aug 13--2 miles--22.08 min--11.09 min/mi--Garmin
Aug 12--Rest

August 5-11
Aug 11--4 miles--51.30 min--13.02 min/mi--Garmin
Aug 10--Lazy
Aug 9--Really?! I still can't walk right
Aug 8--Still sore from moving
Aug 7--Sore from moving
Aug 6--OWWWW!! Sore from moving.
Aug 5--Moving

July 29-August 4
Aug 4--Moving
Aug 3--Packing
Aug 2--
Aug 1--
July 31--
July 30--
July 29--2.06 mi--24 min--12 min/mi pace--Garmin

July 22-28
July 26-28--Rest
July 25--3 mi run--35.51 min--11.56 min/mi pace-- +0.3 mi walk--Garmin and mapmyrun
July 24--1.63 mi run--18.18 min--Garmin--11.13 min/mi pace--Garmin
July 23--Sick
July 22--Rest

July 15-21
July 21--3.5 mi run--42.33 min--Garmin--12.08 min/mi pace--Garmin
July 20--Rest
July 19--1 mi run--12.04 min--Garmin
July 18--3 mi run--38.40 min--12.80 min/mi pace--Treadmill
July 17--Rest
July 16--Rest
July 15--3 mi run--36.58 min--12.19 min/mi pace-- +1 mile walk--Garmin and mapmyrun

July 8-14
July 14--Rest day
July 13--30 min walk
July 12--1.5 mi run--16.14 min--10.47 min/mi--Garmin
July 11--Rest day
July 10--3 mi run--37.40 min--12.34 min/mi--Garmin
July 9--1.5 mi run--15.45 min--10.30 min/mi--Garmin
July 8--2.5 mi run--31.30 min--12.35 min/mi--Garmin

July 1-7
July 7--Rest day
July 6--1.31 mi walk--26 min--mapmyrun
July 5--Rest day
July 4--4.03 mi--51:18 min--mapmyrun and Garmin