Sep 4, 2012

Hug a pole

I have set my fitness goal for this month to start running in the morning. So far evening run-1, Laura-0. Yep. I laid out my clothes had everything charged and ready to go, and went to bed with the mind set of getting up at 6am (I know not early for everyone but for someone who hates mornings it's awful). I didn't. I hit snooze 3 times and then reset my alarm clock for 715am. 
So that didn't happen but I came home and ran instead. It was a wonderful, happy, dripping in sweat, running in the rain run. Gil revamped my running playlist yesterday and the songs totally rocked my run. It also started raining about 2 miles into the run. It felt amazing. I forgot how wonderful it feels to run in the rain. It makes me feel like a kid again. 
I ran a total of 3 miles and only walked about 3 times. Then I stretched. Michelle, the running coach from Cancer to 5k, showed us a calf stretch that really helps.

No I am not hugging the pole...I'm stretching. She said that instead of just putting your toes up on something and leaning forward, that if you pull yourself up on something (like I a light pole) it really helps. And she is soooooo right. This stretch just felt so much deeper than what I generally do. Of course it would have been better with my shoes still on but my feet were hot and I wanted out of my shoes. 

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