Aug 12, 2012

Annnnd Im Back!

Sorry for the long hiatus but there was a lot of moving and not a lot of running and since everyone I know hates moving in general (me vehemently included) I figured I would wait to get settled. Plus I didn't have internet for like 5 days. So I will give you all a quick run down of how the past week has gone.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday--Packing, packing, packing. Then my super awesome parents came down to help us move with their truck and they picked up the Uhaul trailer. They had to leave at 2am on Sat morning to get down to MD to help us move that morning. We made a total of 1 Corolla, 2 Patriot, 2 F-150, and 2 Uhaul trips. They even fed us. I swear I have the most amazing parents ever. They left Sunday afternoon.
Always down for a good time :)
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday--Unpacking, unpacking, unpacking. Both Gil and I were soooo sore. I mean my calves hurt just to touch. I really need to get back to the gym and start incorporating Zumba and weight work into my workouts because it took me 3-4 days just to recover from a 2 day move....and my dad and Gil did most of the heavy lifting!

And just because I can't say enough about how great mom and dad are...they celebrated 32 years of marriage on Thursday!

Saturday--Ahhhh back to the good stuff on this blog. Running. The Wear Blue: Run to Remember--Joint Base Lewis-McChord group was running to honor SGT Brandon Maggart. His wife and I run at about the same pace and on Saturdays I would always run with her. They put out a flag with his name on it every Saturday. When she was there she would stop to give it a quick kiss and when she wasn't I would give it a high five.  Her and their son marked out the 4 mile route to honor Brandon. So with that in mind I laced up and headed out the door with 4 miles on the agenda.
SGT Brandon Maggart
KIA 22 Aug 2010
It was hard. I haven't run in a while. Some of that was due to moving soreness and some of it was due mostly to laziness. What can I say? Making a habit of running is hard. Especially when the weather is like 83* that feels like 93* with 90% humidity. Ack. But I am trying. So I mapped out a run to run around town. But on my way down the road I saw a trail!!!! Eeeeekk!!! I didn't even know about this until I saw it!!

It was a Rails-to-Trails trail. For those of you unfamiliar, it is exactly what it sounds like. A railway that is no longer used is paved over and turned into a trail. Wonderful. It even had an old train station. I got to a point where the trail kept going straight, turned left, and turned right onto a gravel path. There was a woman coming from the left walking her dog so I asked her where they all went. On the way back, I ran into her again. Her dog was playing in some water and was so cute. She told me that the gravel trail was recently made and the town puts a lot of work into the trail system. How cool is that?!

Any how I completed 3.94 miles in under 52 min. I stopped and walked and took pictures along the way. Which speaking of...somehow my not-so smart phone lost my all but one of my pictures. Boo.

My ankle hurt a bit while I was running but when I got home I iced and then iced some more. This morning my legs feel good. My calves don't hurt and neither do my feet or my ankle. The only thing that feels a little tight is my inner thighs for some reason. Which is new to me.

Today is my last day before I start work. I am so super excited. I have not worked since April and have not been in school since May. This unemployment thing has really zapped me. Tomorrow I am running 2 miles. I am shooting to run them before work. This whole running and working full time thing for me is going to be interesting but I am ready to give it a go!

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

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