Aug 13, 2012

New Job Bliss

Today was the end of unemployment for me and the start of a new job. I seriously am so excited not just to work but to work at this practice with these people. I really enjoy the people I work for and the high emphasis on patient care that the practice places importance on.

This morning I could not make myself get out of bed early for a run so instead I threw everything into my gym bag and brought it with me.

As soon as work was over I changed out of my clothes and laced up for 2 miles. Remember that trail I talked about?
I was actually able to get a pic off my phone today
Well lucky me it crosses at the road that my work is on!! So today I headed down the road and ran down the trail for a mile and then turned around. I even was able to grab a shot of the back of this building that was painted really cool.

On tonight's agenda is icing my ankle, ironing my clothes and packing my gym clothes for tomorrow. All while watching my DVRed copy of the Olympic closing ceremonies.

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