Aug 15, 2012

Look what came in today and a baby!!

My day kicked off with a 630am run. Yes you read that right I ran, in the morning, while the sun rose, before work, and before it got hot and humid and muggy out. Generally morning runs make me feel awful with headaches for the rest of the day and I feel exhausted. But today was wonderful. I ran 3 miles along some trails. I passed bunches of runners so it must be the  thing to do at 630am in Maryland. And it was absolutely breath taking. 

When I got home somebody wanted to stretch with me but ran away as soon as I got the camera.
But mom--I don't want my picture taking plus you're gross
I made myself a smoothie with a banana, frozen strawberries, soy milk, and the new Silk fruit and protein mango flavored soy milk. Oh and for the first time I added some frozen spinach. I am not sure what made me so adventurous this morning but I gave it a go and I seriously could not taste it at all despite the weird color. 
And in case you are interested in a great coffee place near Seattle, like they are so hard to find, Whidbey Coffee is my favorite...especially the one near the entrance of Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland, WA.

Another great thing about today? I had a great hair day which is amazing considering the last time my hair was cut was the beginning of May. I am going to attribute the great hair to the morning run so I can motivate my butt out of bed when I don't want to.
Look! No ponytail or sweat.
When I got to work I found a very special item that I have been waiting for. Never mind it has only been 3 days but I was sooooo excited to finally get it. 
I feel so official!!!
It is almost as good as cotton candy ice cream with gummy bears and marshmallows! Ok 1--I said almost and 2--what do you mean you don't eat that combination and it is something only 5 year old's eat?! 

I know at least one other person out there who would beg to differ with #2....Janae! Which reminds me that everyone should head over to her blog and give her some love cause she just had a baby girl today like a day after moving to Cali!! She is amazing.


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