Aug 2, 2012

Moving and a New Job!!

I got the job!!! I was offered it yesterday morning. On Saturday, the day after our dinner with the company, Gil and I went to look at a house in the new area. We loved it. So yesterday after I accepted the position, I called the Realtor and we filled out all the lease paperwork for the new house.

My parents are driving down from NY to help us move. We are so excited. The new house is right near a coffee shop and all the little downtown shops.

There is also a running group in the area so I will be continuing running. I should start work next week sometime. I am interested to see how balancing my training for my first half with my new work schedule will go.

In any case, I may be a little silent until we get all set up in the new place. Plans for today include packing, packing, and packing.


  1. Replies
    1. Why thank you! We are quite excited!! Except for the actual moving and packing part. That I could do without haha

    2. Same path? The old path looked nice with ponds.

    3. Once I move I will be too far away from my current path with all the ponds :( But I am looking forward to running through downtown near all the shops we will be by.