Jul 31, 2012


My entire life I have always set goals. I set them to move myself forward and propel myself into new things and challenges. I think having goals helps give me a purpose. Whether it is fitness, academic, professional, or even socially, for me it is incredibly important to give my life direction and organization.

I like to break goals into short term and long term because if I just set long term goals then I would get discouraged with my progress. So just to give you an idea I will list previous goals and current goals so you can share in these with me.

Short Term
Run 1 mile without stopping
Run a 5k
Run a 10k 
Run a 5k under 30 min (only happened once and it was freezing temps)
Run the Skinny Turkey Half Marathon
Run the Marine Corps Marathon 10k
Run 366 miles in 366 days (by Dec. 31 2012)
Graduate with my Bachelor's
Find a job
Get my national certification
Make a new friend
Move into a new house
Get a dog
Lose 10 pounds
Do 20 push ups in a row
Do 15 leg lifts in a row
Cook something new

Long Term
Graduate with my Doctorate
Run a 5k under 29 min
Run a bunch of half marathons--don't really have any in mind yet
Run a marathon
Qualify for the Boston Marathon before I turn 31
Run the Boston Marathon
Run the Paris Marathon
Run the San Francisco Marathon
Run the Seattle Rock n' Roll Marathon
Run the Marine Corps Marathon
Get another dog
Lose 15-20 pounds
Do 50 push ups in a row
Do 30 leg lifts in a row
Buy a house

As I said, I set goals because it helps give me direction, but it also feels great to be able to literally cross things off of a list. I know there are a lot here and they will constantly change so I will update them periodically.

Any goals that you have? Do you set goals?

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