Jul 22, 2012

Feeling Icky and Sicky

Last night I was feeling my earlier than normal run so I went to bed around 1030pm. When I went to bed my throat was hurting. This morning when I woke up I was feeling pretty rotten. My right ear and right side of my throat are sore sore sore. Not to mention I have been feeling pressure and pain in my sinuses.

I am pretty sure my chronic sinusitis is hitting me again. It has been 5 months since my last sinus infection and that makes me very happy. This time last year I was getting an infection about every 6-8 weeks. So I have been resting and keeping company with these best friends today.
Ahh my good friends--how I have not missed
For breakfast, my wonderful husband made me a waffle as requested. These things have been my favorite go to lately because they have fruit inside so they don't need any toppings.

Like I said my entire day was about rest. I have been sick with sinus infections so often that I know how the course of action goes. I know that if I rest all day and make sure I take in extra sleep and make sure I still eat and drink then my body fights it off better. While awake, I watched an entire marathon of American Ninja Warrior on G4. Have you guys seen this show? These people are simply amazing!!
Sheet swing...not to be underestimated.
Gil ran out to the grocery store for bread so I could have dinner and came back with these goodies!!

Oh Mylanta!! I absolutely love him. First, the Crystal Light Pomtini is my absolute favorite. They came out with it in April and it is a limited time only dealio. After my first package I wanted more but have not been able to find some for like 3 weeks!! The Peach Belini I will have to let you know how that comes out. Then of course Rocky Road ice cream for my sore throat and because anything s'mores is crazy delicious to me he bought the hardening topping.

Funny story. The last time we bought that ice cream topping my husband, who is quite smart, put it in the fridge because he was thinking it would spoil if he didn't. Ummm, yeah. Don't do that. When you put it on ice cream it gets hard because the ice cream is cold. Needless to say we had a bottle of sauce that was completely solid.

Not only did he buy me goodies but he made me my favorite sick food....grilled cheese and tomato soup.
Well back to my American Ninja Warrior finals and sleep.
Seriously check it out...you will be amazed. 

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