Jul 9, 2012

Early morning and Quick legs

My day started at 530am. Yeah, I know. Yuuuuccckkk. But it was for a good reason. I had to drive 2 hrs away  to look at a potential new job.

To start my morning off right I made sure to have some breakfast. I started it last night with some prep and a little assistance from my hubby. He ate the rest of a jar of PB and gave the jar to me for some overnight oats. In addition to the oats and soy milk, I added some chopped strawberries and dark chocolate covered sunflower seeds when I took it out of the fridge this morning.
I swear it's not all chocolate and strawberries
Then it was off to work. Since moving to Maryland and promptly losing my job that I moved all the way across country for I have been searching for a job like crazy! This one looks very promising and I have enjoyed meeting everyone so far.

After work, I made the 2 hr drive home and went for a run. I don't know if it was the substantially cooler weather or the fact that it was a short run, but I felt like I had super speedy legs today. Obviously, no run I do is super speedy but I used to run a 10 min mile for 3-4 miles and tonight I was cranking out a 10.31 min/mi pace. That makes me feel pretty good. The best part was....no walking!! Absolutely no walking tonight! It makes me so happy that I just kept chugging along the whole time around the pond and was able to do it at a decent pace. Ever have that perfect run and you end it and you feel like your legs were moving like Usain Bolt's? Yeah, that was me today.
Ignore the schweaty mess...                      
                               the smile is all that matters
When I got home, Gib did his Insanity workout and I made dinner. We had Greek salad and pork chops. Just like Campbell's, it was mmm-mmm-good!

And to reward my amazing husband for sticking with the Insanity workout, I made us him some butterscotch pudding, that I am going to go dish out, now. Hope you all had a great day and if you ran, had a great run too!!

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