Jul 20, 2012

No such thing as fun size and I hate chicken

Today was all about stretching after the past 2 days my calves and achillies' are killing me. I was supposed to walk but even that seemed a little much, especially considering tomorrow I am running 3.5 miles.

When I wasn't stretching, I was busily researching houses that we could rent in a town that we may or may not move to. That is for a different day though. As soon as I get word whether or not that is happening, I will provide more details.

I also had breakfast and dinner for lunch. I had 1 egg + 2 egg whites scrambled with garlic and spinach. On the side I had a left over sweet potato from 2 nights ago. As I have previously stated, I am no genius in the kitchen. So I rely on people like Courtney over at Sweet Tooth Sweet Life to help teach me how to cook food. I liked her cooking method so I recreated it.

Twice as Nice
I also had a cup of jello and pudding--the no sugar added kinds. When I pulled them out of the fridge I saw this yellow label on top.
Umm no.
What the heck? Are they making these 6 packs "fun sized"? A 4 pack means that there isn't even one every work day. That is just not right.

After lunch I made a quick trip out to get some more cat food. Kieran is a little on the large side at around 20 pounds so we needed to switch to canned food.
Are you calling me fat??!!!!
In the past he has completely snubbed canned food. He is a picky eater. The other night I grabbed a thing of Meow Mix cat food and to my surprise he inhaled it!! So we needed more.

Tonight's dinner was chicken and veggies. 
Green=good. Chicken=bad.
I hate chicken unless its in tacos or BBQ sauce. Generally I will eat pork. I even marinated it in lemon pepper sauce. It still tasted like chicken. I can handle it if the chicken has never been  frozen but once it is frozen, thawed, and then cooked it is all over. Tonight it came out of the freezer but I figured it was ok cause it was going to be marinated. Nope. I really hate chicken. 
How about pork?

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