Jul 4, 2012

4 miles for the 4th and a rookie mistake

So lets start with the 4 miles. Today my running group got together in WA state and did 4 miles in honor of the 4th of July. Naturally I couldn't run with them but I made my mind up to run 4 miles here in Maryland. This was going to be my first long run since April when I did 6 miles to honor my friend's husband who was killed in action last year. The most I have run since moving here was 2.5 miles, which I know is not a lot to some but getting back on the horse and being consistent is what is most important to me at this point.

Today's run was done in honor of:
KIA March 29, 2011 
KIA May 18, 2012
KIA May 18, 2012
KIA August 22, 2010

After getting a late start this morning, I stepped out the door sometime around 9am. Today I used my Garmin and mapmyrun app on my phone to track what I was doing. I loved today's run. It was warm definitely but there was a semi-cool breeze for most of it. I ran around 2 ponds and a new neighborhood that I hadn't been through yet. I especially loved the first pond as they put up flags for the 4th of July.

The only issue I had today is what I would call a rookie mistake and started last night. Generally the night before I run I drink a bottle or 2 of water and then I bring a small bottle with me when I run. But I forgot last night and then today I brought the same small bottle with me that I bring on short runs. Obviously, I am feeling a bit dehydrated and need to really remember to hydrate better.

I wrapped up my run in under an hour, which is a great starting point. I came home stretched, iced my ankle, and tackled some serious food! I had to have protein pancakes. I doctored up a recipe from Julie. Into the mix went

  • old fashioned oats 
  • an egg 
  • some low fat cottage cheese
  • pumpkin pie spice and ground cloves

After cooking up 2 flapjacks, I topped them with a chopped up apple and 2 Tblsp of almond butter. I also threw the whole thing into the microwave to melt the almond butter and to heat up the apples. I hate it when there are cold things on top of hot food....weird, I know.

Today me and the husbster are headed to check out the Chesepeak Bay area and scoping out a place for fireworks!!!!!!!!!!!

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