Jul 25, 2012

Shower before or after?

Today was just like most except the humidity was way low and it was a nice humane temperature out. We Gil even got the lawn mowed. We haven't been able to because it has been raining off and and on for a while now. This is the first house we have ever lived in so this is the first time we have ever had yard work....oh the joy.

I was quite lazy today and didn't bother to take a shower until about 5pm tonight. I know I am quite classy.

This also means that I took a shower before going for a run. My husband, mother, father, sister, etc. all think I'm crazy. This has been a life long thing for me. Even if I work out later in the morning or afternoon, I still want a shower before hand. Here is my reasoning.

  1. I hate feeling gross. Working out makes me feel sticky and gross. Not showering makes me feel sticky and gross. I don't want to compound the sticky and grossness. 
  2. Look better, feel better, perform better. 
  3. If I were to run a race on a Saturday morning, I would take a shower before hand. Why not practice that way?
Of course the downside is I tend to go through shampoo and soap quicker than normal but it's not an everyday occurrence. 
Kieran's point of view.
Anyhow I headed out for my run around 7pm and it felt seriously wonderful out. I mean look at those relative humidities!! In the yellow!!
And it was beautiful.

Tonight I ran around a nearby neighborhood. I like running that specific neighborhood because there are lots of military associated people living there and it reminds me of being in Washington (state). 

The only thing was I didn't have a fabulous run. I had a snack less than 2 hours before I ran. Generally I like at least 2 hours or more between any food and a run otherwise I cramp and start getting sick to my stomach. I know everyone has their eat-before vs. eat-after rules so there is mine. Additionally there was small hill right when I was hitting my groove.

I know it doesn't look like anything but I swear it is a hill.
Which made me feel like this. 
I know classy--see above.
Overall I completed a total of about 3.3 miles mostly running with some walking in there. So I call tonight a success. Now for another shower ;-)

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