Jul 30, 2012

Interview Update and the Olympics

Sorry for the silence. The company that I am trying to be hired at took Gil and I out to dinner at a place in Annapolis called Jalepenos. It was a great time. The owner of the company and one of the employees that does the hiring took us out. I did not want to freak out my future employer by taking pictures but both Gil and I ordered the chicken enchiladas with mole. A-MAZ-ING! I highly recommend this place if you happen to be in the area. I was warned, however, that if you do go, especially on a Friday or Saturday, you will need a reservation for anytime after 6pm. We concluded the evening on a high note with them saying that they will contact me and returning home for the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

As soon as Gil took off his shirt Kieran proceeded to climb under it and hangout.
"Guys. It will fit if we tailor it a bit"
On the running end of things, my ankle is still aching. I ended up setting out for a 3 mile run yesterday but only completed a slow 2 miles. I also switched from my Brooks Pure Cadence shoes back to my New Balance 870s for extra cushion. I love both of my shoes but after running in my Brooks since January I now prefer them over my NB shoes.
Pond near my run
The 2 miles I did was to honor
KIA March 29, 2011

You will see SFC Arrechaga's name come up frequently as his wife is a friend of mine. He is always on my mind when I put on my Blue shirt and so I run for him quite a bit. 

The majority of the weekend and today were spent engrossed in the Olympics. Despite a relatively disappointing (in my opinion) opening ceremony to the games, I have been watching them every day. As a former gymnast I of course love gymnastics, but I also enjoy track, beach volleyball, diving, swimming, canoe slalom, and rowing. 
Last night when watching the woman's gymnastics qualifying competition, my heart broke for Jordyn Wieber. If you don't know, she was a victim of a terrible rule (and questionable judging--shocker) that only allows the top 2 gymnasts from each country to compete in the All Around competition. She is undoubtedly one of the best gymnasts in the world and will not get to compete. That is a travesty. 
On a random note, Kieran has been super clingy. This morning he decided to sleep on my lap while I hopped on the computer. 
"It's easier to type this way, I promise"
Later on in the day he switched to the top of the couch to bury his head in my hair and sleep. 
This looks comfortable, right?
I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. 

Any favorite sports in the Olympics that you like to watch?


  1. You look like a skinny minny in your running clothes! You know some of the participants that come in to the clinics - we check their luggage to make sure they don't bring in any contraband and we always have to squeeze socks. Why? Because people hide jalapenos in their socks.

    1. Thanks! yeah I am a fan of the way that particular outfit makes me look :)