Jul 16, 2012

My foot hurts and Pesto

Yesterday after my 3 mile run my left foot hurt (which is the same ankle that I sprained) on the bottom outside of foot. I had this happen back at the end of April.
Note--it's not necessarily the muscle I was showing just the
point on the bottom of  my foot where it hurts
The difference between last time and this time was I stopped running this time. Last time I was in the middle of 6 miles and was at mile 5 or so. I got this sharp pain in my foot. I thought it was cramping so I shook my foot out walked for a bit but it still hurt. I found running or walking on the ball of my foot didn't hurt so bad so I resumed my run on the balls of my feet and finished the 6 miles. However, when I got home I could barely walk. I froze a water bottle and rolled the sore spot over it and took some anti-inflammatories but it really took a lot of rest. By a lot, I mean I had to take like 3 weeks off from running. Last night I got home right when it started to ache. I took some Ibuprofen and iced it. Today the area is still tender so no run for me.

My question is--What the heck is this?! I have run bunches of miles since the beginning of May and yet it just happens at random. Any one have any idea? I will probably hit up a podiatrist eventually but I just wanted other opinions.

Tonight for dinner we had tilapia with walnut pesto on top. I borrowed the recipe from the lovely and talented Julie over at Peanut Butter Fingers. I nixed the sunflower seeds and added extra walnuts instead. I just didn't have the sunflower seeds on hand. I also added lime juice because it was going on fish and I love citrus and fish.

It came out fantastic. Lucky for me, I have a whole other packet of basil to use for another batch of the stuff cause it was amazing! Let me tell you, I have never used fresh basil before (blasphemy? maybe) and it made my entire kitchen smell amazing! Oh and in case you need any delicious baked goods or savory dinner delights with a healthy spin on them or a killer circuit workout, I would definitely head on over to her blog.
As per normal--I overcooked it a tiny bit but it tasted great!


  1. I've had similar issues with my foot when wearing new shoes and found that when I went back to my old sneakers, the pain went away. I have difficulty in finding sneakers that feel comfortable though..

    1. Hmm I have been running in these shoes for a while but because I both KT tape and brace my ankle I am thinking maybe I taped it funny?? Who knows. But now that you mention it, maybe I will try switching back to my other running shoes for a run to see if it helps. Thanks for your input!

  2. That piece of fascia is tough as nails - and it's amazing that we still get foot pain with all the fat we have in the padding of our feet.

    1. Yeah it tightens right up on me for some reason. I switched from my brooks back to my NB and took some time off so Im hoping it wont tighten up on me anymore.