Jul 5, 2012

20 weeks until my first half and a rest day

I realized late last night that I have 20 weeks until my very first half marathon!!! In case you are wondering there are also 20 weeks until Thanksgiving as well. I have never done a Turkey Trot before but the way I figure it, 13.1 miles will make me feel a lot less guilty about gorging myself on turkey and stuffing later on in the day. Not to mention the endless pie I will be eating.

To make this even more awesome, this girl will be running it with me!
I left all the good genetics for her
Kit is my younger sister and lives down NC. Oh and she is an AMAZZZINNNGGG cook. Which is exactly why having Thanksgiving at her place is ideal. Not to mention she is one heck of a runner and exercise enthusiast so she is the perfect running partner for my first half.

The training schedule I have put together starts out with a shortened version of Hal Hidgon's Novice Spring Training schedule and then ends with the complete Novice 1 Half Marathon training schedule. It will start on July 8th and take me through the Turkey Trot.

Training plan from start to finish
Since Thursdays will be rest days for the next 5 months, I decided I would start that today. :) You know just because its like a million degrees outside and I was up early (well early after a late 4th of July) to take Kieran to the vet. He has an aural hematoma. I will spare you the pictures but the gist is his ear is all swollen and he needed a steroid treatment. He is doing well and sleeping off the trauma excitement from this morning.

Looks so comfortable, I think I will try this sometime
And with that, I think I am off to take a nap as well.

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