Jul 24, 2012

Fish Eggs and Chicken

I didn't post yesterday because I was still feeling ill and Gil was coming down with something as well. We spent most of the day sleeping in the living room and watching TV and I really didn't think anyone would care to hear about it.
Kisses for his sick momma...yes I know I'm a cat lady
As far as running goes, I was scheduled to run 1.5 miles which I obviously didn't. When it comes to running when I'm not feeling so hot I follow some simple rules.

  • If I have a fever, I don't run. 
  • If I would miss school or work for it, I don't run.
  • If I think that it is a sinus infection, I don't run.
  • If I think rest would be more beneficial than expending the energy to run, then I rest.
For me, if it feels like a sinus infection it is really important for me to be proactive about it because my health can easily spiral out of control. Part of running is about having a healthy lifestyle. I did not hit the genetic jackpot when it comes to health and there are lots of things that I need to be proactive about. It isn't just about running, it's about total body health, inside and out. If I think that resting instead of running will be more beneficial, then that is exactly what I do and I don't feel guilty about it. And in this case it worked because I feel pretty darn good today.

Lunch came together pretty easily today. Since I had the time and extra quinoa left over from my quinoa 'n cheese I got a little creative. I cooked up some of these Tyson Chicken Bites.

In the meantime I chopped up some baby carrots and a small zucchini. I made a bowl of quinoa that I sprinkled with poultry seasoning, garlic and onion powder, and some salt and pepper. I mixed all the veggies in and microwaved it all together. 

When the chicken was done I added it to the bowl. It was good and I filled up quickly so I even had left overs :-) In case you are wondering what Gil thought of my wonderous creation, he said "Let me see. Hmm. Fish eggs and chicken. Not what I would have gone with but whatever." 
Fish eggs and chicken
Tonight I did a 1.5 mi run around the neighborhood. It felt good to get out there and move my legs after 2 days of resting on the couch. 
Resting w/ Kieran. What? This doesn't look look comfy?
Running doesn't come easy to me. Not 3 miles or 1 mile or even a 0.5 mile. I run because it feels good at the end of the run to know I accomplished something under my own power. Plus the only things I really need are my sneakers and a good sports bra. It was a little soupier out than I would have liked but there was a breeze and it was a beautiful sunset, not to mention I felt really good tonight.
Picture running down this plus a breeze...so nice.

Now on to dinner. Hope everyone had a good run today!

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