Jul 18, 2012

Yesterday and Today

I know I got real creative with that title.

Yesterday was uneventful. I wanted to go for a run but I thought that one more day of rest would be good for my ankle. Plus I ended up with a migraine so any remaining need for a run was nixed. Although we did make some killer Flat-Out pizzas again. The hubby's had cheese, pico de gallo, avacado, and bell peppers. Mine had zucchini and bell peppers. They were scrumptious and so much better than any frozen pizzas.

After 2 days of laziness rest, I went for a run. Today's was special though....it was done on a treadmill!! There is a gym in the area that gives a 7 day trial membership. I thought since I need to kill a little over a week and a halves worth of time that I would sign up. Plus it was free...good for our unemployed selves. Good thing too...running outside would have been torture.
Relative humidity as it is right now--way worse earlier today! Ack!
But I was super excited to be back on a treadmill. With my ankle and foot always trying to take center stage, I like knowing that if need be I can get off the treadmill and only have to walk to the car. The most I have ever run on a treadmill is 5 miles and it was torture because I kept looking at the screen. I am not one of those lucky few who can read and run at the same time so I hopped on and plugged away at 3 miles with the NBC nightly news and the radio playing on my iPod.
No judging my time--I walked some
Anyone notice what the treadmill screen is lacking? Let me give you a hint...it was incredibly inconvenient when I went to push any buttons. There is no writing on the majority of the buttons. I was sad I couldn't turn on the fan so I just got super duper drippy and toweled off later.
No labels on the buttons on the right....PITA
After the gym I was supposed to stop at the grocery store for a few staples. I forgot. I walked in to my house and turned around and walked right back out. Fun fun. I even had the added benefit of this. Great huh?
Foggy glasses. Yeah I really missed the humidity.
On the upside, one of the things on my list was Triscuts....and LOOK!!!
BOGO!! We have 4 boxes now.
So I came back home and my wonderful hubby came up with this beautiful concoction.

There are black beans, seasoned chicken, lettuce, pico de gallo, bell peppers, plain Greek yogurt (instead of sour cream) and taco sauce. It was as great refueling option.

Now back to our very productive marathon movie night. Happy hump day everyone.

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