Jul 13, 2012

A Black Cat and 80's movies

As per normal, our day was pretty slow again. I'm not sure if Kieran knows it Friday the 13th or if he was just being particularly clingy today, but he was attached to me anytime I sat down.
Don't judge the tie-dye. I swear I don't wear it out.
After breakfast composed of a Van's waffle, topped with ricotta cheese and an apple on the side, Gil and I headed out to refill our fridge.

We went to one of our local base commissaries. For non military folk, that's what the military calls the grocery stores on base. I like them because the selection seems to be a bit larger than what I find at Safeway or Food Lion and they are tax free. When Gil was medically discharged from the Army we retained our base privileges for the next two years so we still make use of the commissary. 

And look what I found!!! I am super excited!! 

Contrary to all prior indications, I am lactose intolerant. From what I understand from others that are lactose intolerant, there seems to be a scale as to how intolerant you are. For me, it means absolutely no milk. Ice cream or custard once every other week or so. Cheese and yogurt don't necessarily bother me to where I notice it, but when I have the option I like to eat lactose free. 

I can't believe how much stuff we were out of. We literally only had a few boxes of cereal, 2 summer squash, 2 zucchinis, and some soy milk. We prefer to go to the farmers' market on Saturdays, but we just felt like getting it all done today, plus I don't eat my weight in watermelon in 2 days this way ;-) 

When we got home we made up a Chicken Fajita Pizza put out by Palermo's. It was very tastey. I don't like to buy or make pre-made pizzas generally but this one sounded delicious and it delivered. 
Way easier to make than regular fajitas
I enjoyed my two slices in front of one of my favorite 80's movies....Lethal Weapon. I love everything about 80's action films. From the fun hair, to the amusing women's clothing, to the tight jeans that Mel Gibson always donned, to the amount of things blowing up from the tinniest touch. I love it all. 
Look at that hair. It's just not the same anymore
So awesome, they get 2 pics. 
After my run last night, my ankle still felt a little tender today. I only had a 30 min walk on the schedule but after 1.5 hours or so of walking around the commissary, I am counting that as my walk. Cause that totally counts, right? But stay tuned tomorrow because I have another 3 mile run and I am going to talk a bit about a controversial piece of clothing that I never run without. 

With that I will leave you on a couple more clingy pictures of Kieran to commemorate Friday the 13th. 

Mom, are you listening?.....

Mom look at me....

Aren't I adorable mom?...

Ok, fine I give. I will just sleep on you for an hour. 

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