Jul 26, 2012

A Walk on the Beach

Today we took shelter from the ridiculously high heat in our nice cool apartment. We did not have much on the agenda other than to run to the grocery store. But after much lazing around, Gil got a little bored so we decided to venture out and drive around the area for a while. We ended up near a string of restaurants on the Chesapeake. There weren't any cars around cause it was a Thursday night so we parked right on the water and walked to a little beach nearby.

The view was beautiful, it almost made me forget about the crazy oppressive heat.

After walking around a bit we sat down on some rocks and put our toes in the water, which was so warm it felt like bath water.

The views were so relaxing.

And there were seashells everywhere.

After hanging out on the beach for a bit we went to Safeway for dinner and some needed groceries. I came out of the store with a pesto pizza for dinner and an interesting cherry chia juice. The pizza was excellent. It had peppers, chicken, cheese, and in place of sauce there was pesto. It was great!

The hubby even surprised me with one of those little single serving chocolate pies! Definite brownie points.

The juice on the other hand tasted fine but the consistency was awful. I could not get past the slimy little chia seeds. But I kept it because I can add it to smoothies and it will work out fine.

Running on the other hand was not in the agenda today. After last nights run, my ankle was not thanking me. So instead of running it was ice. I will do my 1.5 miles tomorrow as long as everything is feeling better. When I first sprained my ankle they said that because of the abnormal location (inside of my ankle as opposed to the outside) it could take a long time to feel better. I was cleared to run but its still not normal yet.

And tomorrow is FRIDAY!! I have been waiting on this day for 2 weeks!!! My stint in unemployment may or may not be coming to an end tomorrow. We will see. Stay tuned!

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