Jul 21, 2012

Virtual Training Partner and Cuteness Overload

Last night I talked to another Wear Blue runner. Her husband is stationed in the D.C. area and moved here around the same time we did. We were both missing our Saturday morning runs in Dupont, WA with our fellow Wear Blue friends and wanted to partner up. So we decided to swap phone numbers and we would text each other motivation. We both agreed to run 3.5 miles today at 7am. So even though when we woke up it was raining we both headed out.
Yes the fog is obnoxious, but no glasses means I'm blind
It was really nice to have a virtual training partner. I probably would have slept in or skipped running in the rain but it was such a nice run. It was also great to get support without needing to run at another person's pace or distance. I would highly recommend this method if you need a little motivation to get out of bed in the morning and run.

Today's run was dedicated to
KIA July 21, 2003

I ran 3.5 miles in the rain and she ran 5 miles after meeting up with some others in the pouring rain. It was pouring when I first woke up but it settled to a steady rain and my run was great. It was less than 70 degrees!! Can you say fabulous?!
Note to self--change my time zone
On my run I did have a minor road block. I just kept saying 'beep beep' out loud and they waddled out of the way.

Also, I wanted to know something. Is it weird that there is no crosswalk light here? You know the one that says walk or don't walk?

I hate crossing this road. People are generally aware, but it is a busy park and a 4 lane road. I think it's weird.

As soon as I got home I scrambled up some eggs and spinach and made a smoothie. It was the perfect refueling meal for me. Plus it cooled me down.
Cranberries. Blueberries. Yogurt. Oh my!
I followed my run up with a shower and a trip to the farmers' market. There was some serious cuteness going on over where they were selling animals.
Cuddly kittens.
Sleepy puppies.
I grabbed up some sweet grapes, cucumbers, bell peppers, strawberries, tomatoes, and eggs.

The rest of the day was spent lazily due to the dreary weather. Happy Saturday everyone!

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