Jul 15, 2012

4 mi run? and a smoothie

I seriously slept in until noon today!! I know!! I can't believe it! Gib got out of bed but I was still exhausted so at noon he came back and woke me up. But I felt great! As a general rule I am up by the latest 10am. I know some may say that's late but I stay up late too so it's a trade off. Not one to turn down breakfast any time of the day, I grabbed up this new-to-me cinnamon flavored Kashi cereal. I really liked it. It was crunchy and not sweet and for me, I don't like sweet when I just wake up.

Then tonight I went for what was supposed to be a 3 mile run. It was a new route so I brought my cell so I could have a map with me and I wore my Garmin too. But even with mapmyrun and Garmin I missed my turn and it ended up being longer than 3 miles. Just how much longer you ask. Goooood question.

Mapmyrun and Garmin seem to be at odds tonight. Mapmyrun says 4 miles Garmin says 3.6 miles. Generally I am inclined to go with Garmin over mapmyrun just because I have known it to be more accurate. But my Garmin is set up to auto-stop when I reach slower speeds and tonight I know I walked some at slower speeds. I swear it was like running through soup tonight so I needed the walking breaks. In this instance I think I will go with my mapmyrun data.

Tonight's run was dedicated to: 
KIA March 29, 2011

Either way I ran/walked 3 miles and then just walked the last mile. And when I got home I was super gross. I mean I was dripping. When I walked through the door and the AC hit me, it was instant relief. But I still wanted a cool down so I headed to make a smoothie for dinner.
So excited for a cool down!
I bought one of those smoothie mixes in the frozen food section instead of berries because it was cheaper. In the bag there were frozen berries and banana and a "smoothie packet" and the directions said just add juice. Well, the first ingredient in the "packet" was sugar and the second was dried milk. Both are just a no go for me.

So I chucked the packet and added some scoops of plain Greek yogurt, soy milk, and an extra banana for good measure.
It was delicious!!
Now I am off to enjoy a movie with the hubby and then bed. If you can believe it, I'm tired again!

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