Jul 12, 2012

The Sandman and Post Run Yoga

I kicked off today with a wonderful mixture of oatmeal with soy milk, topped with a chopped apple and a spoonful of almond butter stirred in. It tasted like October in July :)

On another note, I think the Sandman has officially invaded my house. Seriously. I went to bed 4 hours earlier last night than I did the night before and only got up 1 hour earlier than yesterday. This excessive sleeping is driving me nuts. Even when I set an alarm to try to run in the morning or do something, I just hit snooze. I would love to blame this on my unemployment but I am just lazy lately. With no job to make me go to work and keep me on a schedule and no income to go do anything, I really just sit around and go for a run once a day. My husband is even feeling the Sandman's presence. Anytime he lays on the living room floor he falls asleep. I asked him today if the Sandman accidentally spilled sand on our carpet because he falls asleep on the floor once a day. 

For lunch I made turkey and cheddar sausage which I sauteed up with 4 bell peppers. On the side I had a plain Greek yogurt topped with honey. I must say, after my first time trying plain Greek yogurt, outside of smoothies, I have not had it since. But after putting a dollop of honey on top and stirring it in, it tasted great!

A few hours later, I went for my nightly run. I did 1.5 miles tonight. It went well. It didn't feel quite as good as it did on Monday night. The important part is I did it. I think I can attribute my less than stellar run to a lack of hydration. I know it is important and when I am out doing things during the day like working I always have a water bottle or cup near me. At home on the other hand, I just don't remember. This is something I definitely need to be more aware of and will be making more of an effort to focus on throughout the day. 

During my aimless internet searches today I stumbled on a video of post run stretches from Runners World. Following my run tonight I did them. I definitely felt the stretch and I loved the fact that I had something to follow as I did the movements. 

I think I will be doing these after my runs from now on. My legs really do feel good. 

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